1. Herbal is directly absorbed by skin.

    Skin is the biggest organ in human body. It not only protects body from invasion of disease, but also maintains the functions of secretion,
    absorption, penetration and sensing. Skin absorbs better with higher humidity. The combination of water and medicine in Tibetan steam helps herbs
    to penetrate, circulate and distribute throughout blood system. The dosage and concentration of medicine stays consistent and even for its maximum

    2. Regulates the nervous system.

    The herbal steam contains fragrant and pungent ingredients to transform turbidity Through whole body’s skin and channels, traveling to nervous
    system for stimulation and regulation of our own immune systems. It can relax muscle, reduce pain, improve joint function, increase metabolism and
    improve sleep.

    3. The dual function of medicine and heat increases metabolism and promotes self- healing.

    The heated herbal steam opens up skin’s pores and glands to release any inflammatory and metabolized product. It increases efficiency of medicine
    with faster penetration and absorption of herbs through body to relive clinical symptoms. Secondly, the dual function of heat and medicine increases
    blood circulation, decreases the blood viscosity, regulates coagulation and Fibrinolysis system and strengthens white blood cells to improve the self
    repairing and regulating function of tissues. It also helps detoxify, boost immune system, balance Yin, Yang, Qi, Blood and organ functions to
    significantly improve symptoms such as pain, swelling, soreness, numbness, and stiff joint, cold and so on.

    4. Help the release of inflammation of disease inducing substance.

    In Chinese medicine, human body is an organic whole consisting of various parts. All are inseparable in construction, mutually balanced in function,
    and inter-dependant in medical theory. Therefore, the human face and hair are closely related to inner organs. The normal function of organ means
    abundant Qi and Blood, and balance of Yin and Yang. This will ensure one’s beauty and health. The power of heat and herb combining with local
    rubbing and steam shower will stimulate and regulate body’s channels to prevent disease and to enhance beautiful skin.

    In modern research, the main reason of the skin aging is from the lack of water in the layers of skin cells (epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous
    tissue), especially the protein in epidermis. The dryness of cells creates hardened, peeling and wrinkled skin.

    Herbal steam is the best choice for beautifying the skin and hair. Facial rejuvenation is basically enhancing skin and its related organs. Modern
    research shows that Tibetan medicine has various alkaloids, Glycosides, amino acids, vitamins and plant hormones to moisturize skin, increase skin’s
    immune function, protect skin cells, increase its elasticity, slow down aging, brighten complexion, fight wrinkles and clear body odor.
    The Chinese Medicine and (Embryo Containing the Information of the Whole Organism) Biology think: the human body has 12 main and 8 queer
    veins. Among them, 6 main and 3 queer veins pass by the foot. And totally there are 66 acupunctures on the both feet. These veins and arteries and
    acupunctures point to each human organ. So the foot is called " the Second Heart" of human body. But the foot is the furthest from the heart and the
    lowest part of the body. And it is a part whose end blood circulation is much worse and whose blood is easy to detain. So there is a saying:"To cure
    the upper body is to cure the lower parts; to cure different diseases is to cure the foot."

    Foot Steam Sauna is one of foot therapies. By the help of steam's warm-up effect, mechanical effect and chemical effect and by the help of the
    curative effect of medicine steam, it diffuses heat, clear bones and muscles, manage spirit and blood to achieve serial health-care effect, such as
    strengthening the function of heart and brain vessels, improving sleeping, removing fatigue, eliminating sub-health appearance and strengthening the
    resistance of human body. By changing the tub cover, it can be used as Hip Steam Sauna to cure some hip diseases.

    Foot/Hip Steam Sauna can be used in common water steam sauna therapy and medical steam sauna therapy. Common water steam sauna therapy,
    with the help of steam's warm-up effect and mechanical effect, stimulate the acupunctures on the foot, promote spirit and blood circulation, clear
    veins and arteries, improve the metabolism and finally achieve the effect of preventing diseases and health-caring.

    Medical steam sauna therapy chooses proper medicine and combines it with water to generate steam with medicine. It applies the medicine upon the
    66 reflecting acupunctures of the feet. With the help of steam's warn-up and mechanical effect and by the absorption of mucous membrane and skin
    penetration, the medicine ions go into the blood circulation system and are spread to the human organs to prevent or cure diseases:

    ** Relieves Pain & Relax yourself
    ** Increase Blood Circulation
    ** Removes Toxins, fatigue and etc.
    ** Beauty Skin & improves sleeping

Person with high blood pressure, diabetes, pregnant woman and person with other serious medical/health conditions must consult their doctors before
Tibetan herbal steaming therapy.