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Beauty Packages & Rates:
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Avalok Asian Spa
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Manhattan, NYC.
Basic Facial  (60 Min. ) - $50.00
As the foundation of every facial we offer, our basic facial is the classic approach in sustaining a clear and renewed
complexion for all skin types. This treatment comprises of cleansing, exfoliating, steaming and gentle extracting
process for the skin as well as mild high frequency treatment that helps throughly cleans and removes bacteria from
the skin. To conclude the refreshing journey, enjoy a cold mask specific to your skin type -hydrating, brightening,
anti-wrinkle or oily skin - with the relaxing signature massage. It is the ideal go- to service for any individual to
receive and cleanse one's skin.

Teen Facial  (35 Min. ) - $40.00
This facial is targeted toward breakouts associated with adolescent skin. It consists of deep cleansing followed by
gentle extractions, finishing with cold mask to rehydrate skin and eliminate any oily particles. Teens will also be
taught the importance of skincare during the facial. (For teenage 16 & under)

Vitamin C hydrating facial (90 min.) $100.00
Well-known for its hydrating and firming properties, Vitamin C efficiently restores and repairs skin, and helps counter
the effects of aging and damaged from over exposure to sun and other environmental hazards. This facial will include
an ultrasonic treatment which uses a Vitamin C enriched serum with Keratin that is observed by your skin to bring
back firmness and elasticity while also reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Moisturize and enhance your skin texture
with the Vitamin C facial which will undeniably give your skin a healthy and younger look.

Collagen anti-aging facial (1 hr 45 min.) $110.00
An efficacious and natural process to turn back time for your face, this facial prevents aging and is the perfect choice
for those who would like a remedy for exhausted or stressed skin. Take a breather and relax with this soothing facial
that comes with an ultrasonic treatment with collagen serum and an intensive gel complex mask; the mask uses
collagen molecules to penetrate and restore firmness to your skin, evening and rejuvenating your complexion. Defy
age with this anti-aging treatment that will guarantee your skin a refreshed and youthful glow.

RF firming facial (90 min)- $120.00
A safe non-surgical way of slowing the age process, our Radio-Frequency facial will help balance and firm your skin
while avoiding the pain of Botox and other adverse anti-aging methods. This procedure diminished wrinkles and skin
laxity, producing an enhanced and revitalized result. Give your skin a smooth and vibrant expression without having
to go through any surgery.

Hair Removal:

E Light (IPL & RF) Hair Removal- Prices vary depending on area ranges from about ($85-$500)
Permanently remove your hair with the harm/pain-less hair solution with the heat and light based E-Light technology
using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Radio Frequency (RF) to damage the hair follicles, discontinuing any more hair
growth. In most cases, more than one session is necessary in order for all follicles to stop producing hair.

Wax -waxing is an effective approach for hair removal, giving your skin an overall soft and smooth texture. To
guarantee you the best experience possible, our estheticians follow strict hygienic procedures for safety.

Eyebrow Shaping/Design  $15
Brazilian Wax  $45
Side Wax  $8
Back Wax  $45
Leg Wax  $60
Lip or Chin wax  $10
Bikini Wax  $30
Under Arms Wax  $20
Advance reservations for scheduled services are recommended but not necessary. We will always do our
best to accommodate you.

Spa Check-In
Please arrive at least 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled treatment time in order to change and take
some time to relax and get prepared to enjoy your treatment.

Quiet Please … Treatments in Session
Please turn off (or make silent) cell phones and pagers, and please keep your voice down. Our guests
expect and deserve a quiet and relaxing atmosphere while they receive their spa services.

Please Advise Us
We ask that you let our staff know about any health issues such as whether or not you are pregnant,
recovering from recent surgery or have existing medical concerns such as hypertension, heart disease or
athletic injuries. Also, please advise us of allergies and medications so that we may advise you of the best
treatments and products for your needs including those that may not be appropriate for you to receive.

Payments and Gift Certificates
Avalok Asian Spa accepts all major credit cards (Visa & Master Card) We also offer Gift Certificates for
that special someone for any occasion.

Gratuities are given at your discretion and will be accepted with appreciation. If you have a spa gift
certificate, ask if the tip was included. If not, leave a cash tip. As a suggestion, we recommend 15% for
good service and 20% for excellent service.

We will be glad to customize a 'Avalok Asian Spa' package for you and anyone else you have in mind.
Please ask one of our staff and we will work with you to create the best package for your budget.

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Beauty Packages
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